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Growing can be exciting, but also scary. You may wonder, “How will new people fit in the culture? Will our quality or customer relationships suffer? How do we scale without having our costs increase disproportionately?” 

Defining the growth targets in a Strategic 计划 is the easy part. Getting the organization committed to it and understanding how to prevent the negative effects from growth is the difficult work.

We help you step into the growth instead of just reacting to the daily issues that arise from it, so you feel like the guide leading your team through it instead of the fireman fighting the fires it spawned.  

Through processes, organizational roles, and project roadmaps, we break growth down into manageable parts with tools that ensure your leadership team has clear visibility into the challenges and opportunities.  

  • Build a roadmap of change efforts that thoughtfully aligns to the overarching strategy
  • Establish “quick wins” to gain momentum and buy-in early
  • Develop visibility and alignment from leadership to the change teams so everyone is cohesively working together


You seek or have decided to grow through merging with or acquiring another organization. Beyond the typical financial and operational integration due diligence, the factors that most greatly impact a merger or acquisition’s success are the cultural and organizational ones. 

We facilitate all parties through this—from refining the culture underpinnings to rapidly integrating the organizational and operational models—we reduce the “friction” and resistance that can inhibit your strategic outcomes’ realization. 

The result is an organization that aligns to your leadership team’s vision with minimal disruption to your workforce and your customers.

  • Build an integration strategy to align stakeholders from both organizations
  • Resolve cultural and operational gaps to reduce conflict during integration
  • Establish an integration plan with stakeholders for the smoothest integration possible


Today’s rapidly-changing landscape requires organizational agility with discipline–where you can embrace change without losing control to the chaos.

Does your organization respond with the speed and quality that your customers demand? Do you feel you’re being passed by competitors? 

We work within your organization to build adaptive decision-making and organizational models that you can evolve as your strategic situation shifts.

  • Reengineer business processes to drive efficiency and effectiveness
  • Design an adaptable, resilient organization that thrives in an ever-changing environment
  • Ensure all levels of the organization operate at their maximum potential and “own” the change
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“The culture of an organization is what separates the mediocre from the magnificent.”


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